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Expert Guest Interviews

Newsy – Interview Discussing FED Rate Hikes

Export Guest Housing/Finance – North Dakota Today

WUPL New Orleans Expert Guest On Real Estate and Interest Rates

Guest Expert Discussing Housing & Investment Real Estate

Viewpoint With Dennis Quaid – Real Estate Capital Markets Expert

The Tech Show – Guest Financial Expert on Inflation

Great Day Colorado – KDVR – Guest Expert For Personal Financial Awareness

Fox 32 Chicago – Expert Guest Discussing Real Estate & Supply Chain

KEYE Austin – Interview Discussing Economic Impact Of The Pandemic

Business Brief – Expert Guest Commentary On Economic Recovery

Jake Clopton of Clopton Capital sits down with Andy Hirschfeld to discuss last week’s CBO report and the timeline for an economic recovery.

Business First – Nationwide Finance Interview On Real Estate Trends

WBFF Baltimore – Expert Guest On Real Estate Economics

WSBT – Interview Discussing Real Estate Trends For 2022

Podcast Interviews

Collecting Real Estate Podcast with Bill Hamel

CRE Fast Five Interview

How High Will The Interest Rates Go with Jake Clopton and Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority

Rising Interest Rates & Inflation in Industrial Real Estate

Chicago Business Spotlight #4 || Interview with Jake Clopton

Old Dawg’s REI Network with Bill Manassero

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast

Elevate Real Estate Podcast

All In Real Estate Podcast

Influential Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

Make Money, Make Sense in Real Estate with Danté Belmonte

Real Estate is one of, if not the number one vehicle to build passive, long term, financial wealth. Make Money, Make Sense in Real Estate is a weekly podcast discussing all things real estate. Each episode varies between talking with experienced real estate professionals or educating our listeners on all things real estate investing.

JF2570: What to Know Before Entering Into a JV Equity Partnership with Jake Clopton

Episode 171: Funding your Airbnb/STRs with Jake Clopton

This week Myka interviews Jake Clopton from Clopton Capital. Clopton Capital specializes in providing funding for multifamily and short-term rental investments. LIVE LET THRIVE Y’ALL!!! Steve’s Airbnb/STR Management Company: WWW.ARGESTRENTALS.COM Call Steve directly for a free consultation or just to say hi! 817-566-4777 (yes it’s really me! Lol) Myka’s Info: FB: www.facebook.com/myka.a.artis IG: @sharebednbreakfast IG:...

263 – Jake Clopton – How To Get A Bridge Commercial Loan

Clopton Capital’s President, Jay Clopton, founded the company 14 years ago. Clopton Capital is a nationwide finance broker that connects borrowers with competitive capital sources and organizes joint venture equity for all sorts of commercial real estate assets.

EP 122: All about commercial finance

Today Jake Clopton from Clopton Capital and I discuss all about commercial finance. From the basics of commercial finance to how COVID has changed the commercial finance world.

Navigating Capital Markets in Commercial Real Estate and How to Scale Up To Institutional JV Equity

How to scale up to institutional joint venture equity? General partnerships. Limited partnerships. Joint ventures. New investors and business owners will encounter these business entities at some point in their lives before they even think about the possibility of scaling up. The important thing is for them to understand what they really are and what...

DJE 005 Commercial Lending with Jake Clopton

Jake Clopton, President of Clopton Capital, discusses the current multifamily lending environment, tips for sponsors looking to make a bridge loan a success, an outlook on the lending environment in the coming months, and much more! Connect with Jake at https://cloptoncapital.com/

Commercial Bridge Loans

Clopton Capital’s guide to commercial bridge lending. Here we answer, what are bridge loans, who uses them, what are the typical terms, and advantages and disadvantages to the product.