Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Want to quickly and easily get a sense for what your financing costs and anticipated returns will be for a given loan amount and what you’ll need to qualify? We’ve provided this helpful, detailed calculator that will let you quickly input information about your situation and desired rate, then see how these figures will affect your monthly payments, ROI, and other factors.

We want you to be as informed as possible, which is why we’ve provided this commercial real estate mortgage calculator so that you can get a quick understanding of where you stand. But keep in mind that the calculator can provide only estimates based on the information you enter—for a more detailed account of what a commercial mortgage loan might look like for you, you should contact a lending specialist from Clopton Capital directly.

In the meantime, feel free to experiment with this commercial property mortgage calculator and develop an understanding of your position.

Understanding Our Commercial Property Mortgage Calculator

Our calculator was designed from applications that our brokers and loan officer use every day to analyze actual commercial property loans. These tools help us determine your interest payment, monthly mortgage payment, initial estimate, upfront costs, and even taxes and the total amount of the loan. But we wanted to provide you a tool that remained as close to our world-class process as possible, so that you can get a real sense of your financial situation and how different variables will affect your loan. We also offer a free iOS and Android app calculator, easily located by searching ‘commercial mortgage calculator’ in either the App Store or Google Play.

Both the loan calculator on this page and our mobile application version will use the same information to help you determine what you can afford for approval. Once you input your purchase price and loan to value (LTV) amount, the calculator will give you figures including:

Whether you’re currently seated in an investment meeting or touring a property in person, having a live commercial mortgage calculator in-hand can help you understand your position in real-time. And that’s a powerful tool for putting you in control of your future.

Keep in mind there are other factors that can go into your loan, including options like private mortgage insurance, mortgage interest, variable rate vs. fixed rate loans, and additional fees and taxes. Your loan to value ratio is also a major factor that affects your loan. You’ll be able to get more details from one of our broker experts before you fill out a mortgage application and start the underwriting process. Also keep in mind that this calculator doesn’t account for current debts, any saving account you might have with assets, and commercial real estate loans not funded through Clopton Capital.

What a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Calculator Can’t Tell You

While we’re happy to provide this calculator as a service, it’s important to note that this calculator is designed solely to help you be informed on how different loan amounts and down payments will affect other variables. It is not designed to be used as the sole tool for making investment decisions. It cannot calculate a 100% accurate interest rate, refinance rate, fixed rate guideline, repayment schedule, amortization schedule, mortgage payment, or other general loan rates specific to your situation. Before you make a major decision about an investment, we highly recommend speaking directly to one of our brokers. They’ll be able to help you find the perfect loan for your situation and help you understand how terms will change based on your specific loan type and investment.

As a borrower, it’s important to form a close relationship with your lender before you borrow. Banking is about partnerships, whether it involves a fixed rate mortgage and loan payment or more complex issues like adjustable rate options and mortgage refinance issues.

This page is a great tool for general calculation, but the most powerful tool in your arsenal is close communication with a broker who understands the best mortgage rates, your expenses, buyer concerns, variable costs, closing costs and other commercial real estate concerns.  Their expertise goes far beyond determining your mortgage rates and mortgage amount. So when using this mortgage payment calculator, keep that in mind.

Contact Clopton Capital

Clopton Capital is defined by deeply experienced commercial loan brokers who are eager to learn about your unique situation and get you the best possible loan terms for your business loan, refinance mortgage, or other commercial financing needs. If you have any questions at all about our mortgage loan calculator, mortgage lending or funding your real estate investment, please contact us directly.  We’re happy to help you be informed beyond the parameters of our commercial mortgage calculator to secure the right property loan for your needs. We’re eager to lend to large and small business owners with defined plans for investing.

Reach out to Clopton Capital today. We’ll help you understand your unique circumstance, manage your current mortgage, and supplement this calcaultor with years of in-depth knowledge of how to best invest your funds as your commercial lender.

Download Our Commercial Mortgage Calculator App

In addition to the on page commercial mortgage calculator here, we also offer a free commercial mortgage calculator app for both Android and Iphone devices. To download for iOS or Andriod, simply visit the respective app store and search for “commercial mortgage calculator”

Commercial Mortgage Calculator

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