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Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Chicago based Clopton Capital, a national commercial mortgage broker known for superior service to its clientele has built a technically sophisticated Calculator designed to save you time and effort in determining your financing costs and anticipated returns. In our modern world governed by technology and artificial intelligence it may not seem exactly groundbreaking but if you are in the market to borrow funds for industrial (click for more), commercial, multi-family & apartment buildings, hotels (see more), and mixed-use real estate situations this tool will certainly give verification to your ideas, helping you in many ways.

Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Understanding Our Commercial Property Mortgage Calculator

Simply put, there’s no support item more convenient and more versatile than the Clopton online commercial mortgage calculator, also offered to you for free in iOS and Android mobile formats. It is easily located by searching ‘commercial mortgage calculator’ in either the App Store or Google Play. Whichever way you decide to throw your numbers around the 3 versions all work the same way – allowing you to effortlessly input your information for split-second results. Try it today as the starting point for building a commercial leverage plan that centers on such key items as ROI, monthly payments and effective interest rates.

Please appreciate that the results emitted by this commercial mortgage calculator tool are inextricably linked to the quality of the information you provide. We advise connecting with one of our professionally trained mortgage brokers to scrutinize your numbers and your thinking around those numbers. That suggestion aside, our easy to use calculator is predicated on numerous real-time applications tested by our commercial real estate loans officers themselves every day in analyzing actual commercial property loan options coming at us from all directions. We have found, and so should you, that this virtual tool used correctly will compute your interest payment, separate it from monthly mortgage principle redemption if desired, generate an initial estimate, take into account your upfront costs, configure taxes when applicable, and of course clearly lay out the total amount of the loan. In short, it is designed around the world-class Clopton process we apply to myriad client commercial leverage deals in the course of our day-to-day business.

Here’s how it works:

Simply input your purchase price and loan to value (LTV) amount and the easy to use commercial mortgage calculator will give you pertinent data including:

  • Loan Amount
  • Monthly Payment
  • Yearly Payment
  • Cash Flow After Debt Service
  • DSCR
  • Amortization
  • Debt Yield
  • Down Payment
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

We are cognizant of the way private investors, business owners, small/middle market real estate entities, and family offices everywhere in the US function, and we know that an “on-the-go” lifestyle features most of the time.  So we structured our Commercial Loan Calculator to be easy to use wherever you are: seated in an investment meeting perhaps, or possibly touring a property. By conveniently putting a live “pocket geek” in your hand we can help you understand your position at a moment’s notice.

Clopton initiated the design of the technical nuts and bolts in our Calculator but we didn’t stop there. It has the capacity to configure detailed items like private mortgage insurance, principal and interest, mortgage interest, variable rate vs. fixed rate loans, payment amounts, and additional fees and taxes.  All in all, it’s a powerful tool capable of putting you in control of your future.

What a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Calculator Can’t Tell You

Like anything our technology application as shown has limitations, and in line with our policy of full transparency, we point these out here. First off, it excludes credit score, current debts, and any savings account you might have with assets. While it is expected to cover computations for most loan types (i.e. bridge/bridging loans, construction financing, mezzanine financing/loan, preferred equity (https://cloptoncapital.com/preferred-equity-real-estate/), real estate private equity, and commercial mortgages) if not funded through Clopton’s Capital lender portfolio it will not be calculable. To learn more about different commercial mortgages we offer, proceed here: https://cloptoncapital.com/commercial-mortgages/.

To be sure, we can confidently say that our Commercial Mortgage Calculator is an informative tool but it is far from the only resource you should be referring to. You can learn more about the terms used in the calculator. For pinpoint accuracy on LTV, interest rates, refinance rates, fixed rate guidelines, repayment schedules, amortization schedules, mortgage payment, or other general loan rates specific to your situation nothing beats speaking directly to one of our commercial loan brokers. He or she is trained to help you find the perfect loan for your situation and guide you expertly through the terms that change depending on your specific loan type and investment. The easy to use commercial mortgage calculator takes you only so far. Clopton will take you all the way until the end, and beyond.

We cannot overemphasize that we have built our business on personal relationships, and we recommend that you do so as well. There is simply no substitute for going into any Commercial Real Estate deal in partnership with your lender for asset-backed investments – a task way beyond the scope of even the most sophisticated computerized machines. We can make that happen for you. There are intricate details like deciding on interest only or amortization; fixed rate commercial arrangements or variable rates; refinancing options, term of the loan, and other complex issues, all of which human interaction is best at addressing. We at Clopton pride ourselves on being the best there is in creating the synergy that closes deals fast.

Contact Clopton Capital

We are eager to learn about your unique situation and get you the best possible interest rate and terms for your commercial property loan, whether it is directed at multifamily developments, factories, retail strip malls or any other business arena. If you are refinancing your mortgage, you should be talking to us as well. We are ready to answer all and any question as it relates to the commercial real estate borrowing landscape and this may well start with the easy to use commercial mortgage loan calculator. Contact us directly – you won’t get a friendlier reception anywhere.

If this resonates with you, contacting us is easy. Start your loan application by calling us today at 866-647-1650 to speak directly to a Clopton Capital Loan Officer or simply fill out the “Contact us” form. Either way, you will soon be on the road to quickly and precisely knowing your options in line with your financial needs.

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Commercial Mortgage Calculator

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