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Our commercial bridge loan menu

Our bridge loan programs start at $1,000,000 and go up from there. While most of our volume happens between $1 – 50 million, we can do larger loan amounts.

We are typically able to get up to 80% of as-is value and up to 85% of cost. Leverage will vary depending on the strength of the deal and property type.

Our capital sources offer fixed and floating rate bridge loan rates, most often rates are quoted over Libor.

Interest only payments are standard in bridge lending.

Our lenders offer short term financing up to 60 months with extensions, however most commercial bridge loans will be for much shorter periods.

Most of our loans will be non-recourse, however some loans may require elements of recourse due to additional risks involved.

Commercial Bridge loans are flexible financing structures that can handle virtually any lending scenario.

What is a Commercial Bridge Loan?

Commercial bridge loans are unique financing options that allow buyers to take advantage of immediate opportunities, designed to bridge the gap between that short-term loan need and more long-term financing down the road.

Technically, the terms of a bridge loan aren’t by definition distinct from other loans — it’s the way the loan is used that makes it a commercial bridge loan, also known as bridge financing, swing financing, or gap financing. If a loan is used to immediately purchase or renovate a property while in the process of arranging funding that’s more long term, then it’s functioning as a bridge loan.

What are the benefits of a bridge loan?

Commercial bridge loans allow investors to either purchase a property or invest in improving it while still awaiting final approval on long-term financing. As a result, bridge loans are expected to be relatively short when it comes to their terms — between a few months to a year or so.

Bridge loans are fast to fund, which means that you can get the money you need quickly to make a purchase or invest in a short-term opportunity with a short-term loan or short-term financing.

What is a bridge loan for real estate?

In real estate, commercial bridge loans usually allow investors to purchase a new property, renovate an existing property, or get started on other related real estate projects while they await more permanent financing solutions. In real estate especially, opportunities come and go quickly — so it can sometimes be important to jump on a chance quickly. Bridge loans allow for exactly that type of action.

What is a bridge loan in commercial real estate?

In commercial real estate, bridge loans help investors ‘bridge the gap’ between their current financial situation and a long-term loan for a property or project. They allow for fast funding to help commercial real estate investors get a project underway, even if their long-term financing approval is taking a bit more time.

What are commercial real estate bridge loans used for?

Commercial real estate bridge loans are used to quickly fund projects that can range from a new property purchase to an investment in an existing property. Their primary purpose is to provide quick funding, and as such they offer short terms and sometimes relatively high interest rates — but those costs don’t add up the way they would over a long-term loan because the terms are so short.

Commercial mortgage bridge loans

Commercial mortgage bridge loans are used to purchase a commercial property immediately, even if a long-term financing solution isn’t quite ready yet. The commercial mortgage bridge loan will then be paid off in a short period of time, usually using the funds from the full, long-term commercial mortgage loan with terms of 15 or 30 years or so.

What is a bridge loan for business?

Businesses use bridge loans for commercial real estate for a range of reasons, but generally they’re always a means of obtaining an investment now before the opportunity is missed. If you wait around for long-term financing to be approved and funded, an investment opportunity may already be gone. That’s what makes commercial bridge loans and residential bridge loans for businesses so valuable.

Bridge loans vs. traditional loans

So what is the difference between bridge loans and traditional loans? From a bird’s-eye view, nothing. They have the same general terms, but bridge loans tend to have much shorter repayment periods. After all, they’re designed to simply bridge the gap until long-term financing becomes available. As a result, they sometimes carry higher interest rates than traditional loans.

That said, technically any kind of commercial mortgage loan can be considered a bridge loan if it’s used as a temporary measure to ‘bridge the gap’ to another loan.

What should you look for in a commercial bridge loan?

The best commercial bridge loans offer beneficial repayment terms, relatively low interest rates, and the flexibility to pay off the loan before its maturity date if loan funds from another lender become available. They should also provide fast approval and funding — after all, that’s the entire purpose of obtaining a bridge loan in the first place. Depending on the purchase, best experience providers can be key for attracting customers, and bridge loans can help.

Is a commercial bridge loan right for your business?

Wondering whether you should seek a commercial bridge loan? Commercial bridge loans are also for businesses that want business credit because they are simply eager to get started or want to be opening their business sooner — they’re designed specifically for opportunities that may be missed during the wait for traditional funding.

If you have questions about whether a commercial bridge loan is right for your business, contact our team at Clopton Capital today. We’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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How do commercial bridge loans work?

Commercial bridge loans work by offering interest-only loans with short terms designed to get you from point A, your real estate opportunity, to point B, a long-term loan that will provide a mortgage for the property going into the future. Otherwise, their structure and terms are relatively similar to traditional loans.

Typical bridge loan terms

Wondering what kind of typical bridge loan terms you can expect? Here are the most common terms you can expect in a typical bridge loan.

  • 6-12 months
  • Relatively high-interest
  • Sometimes extendable to up to 60 months or more
  • Available for full range of commercial properties
  • Non-recourse in most cases

Typical bridge loan rates

Wondering about bridge loan rates? Rates are always changing with the market, so contact one of our Clopton Capital real estate and commercial bridge loan specialists to discuss current rates and what you can expect based on your credit worthiness and collateral. We also offer online services and fast rate responsiveness to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Investing in commercial real estate

Commercial bridge loans are an essential part of commercial real estate investing, allowing investors to make purchases that they may have missed out on if they had to wait for traditional financing. As a result, bridge loans are a highly sought after aspect of investing and can help investors capitalize on opportunities without having to watch them slip by.

Investing in commercial bridge loans

Interested in investing in commercial bridge loans yourself? We’d be happy to speak with you about what a career in commercial lending looks like, and how we’re able to sustain such success here at Clopton Capital. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

How to get a bridge loan?

In this next section, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to access a commercial bridge loan.

What you need to qualify for a commercial bridge loan?

Business loan requirements can differ depending on the situation, and that’s no different with bridge loans. To qualify for a bridge loan, you’ll generally need to require financing for 80% or less of the as-is value and 85% or less of the total cost. Your leverage will vary depending on the strength of the deal and property types. You may also need a positive credit history, though collateral also figures heavily into whether bridge loans are approved.

Сommercial bridge loan lenders

Looking to access the best commercial bridge loan lenders on the market without the use of complicated accounting software? That’s where we come in. At Clopton Capital, we have access to the nation’s most respected network of commercial bridge lenders to help you find the perfect solution for your unique needs and goals. We’ll even help you find commercial bridge loan direct lenders and small balance commercial bridge loans.

Where to find lenders that offer bridge loans?

Not all lenders offer bridge loans, which can make finding lendering that offer bridge loans a time-consuming challenge. And when you need a bridge loan to take quick action and take advantage of temporary opportunities, a time-consuming process simply won’t do. That’s why investors partner with experienced brokers like Clopton Capital to quickly access the best possible lenders for bridge loans.

Major commercial bridge loan lenders

Some of the top bridge loan lenders are as follows, though there are plenty of other institutions also offering commercial bridge loans. You may also have luck with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.

  • Fundation
  • Credibility Capital
  • SBA Express Lenders (SBA loans, small business loans, SBA express, etc.)
commercial real estate bridge loans

Commercial Bridge Loans FAQ

What is a bridge loan?

A bridge loan is any loan designed to provide fast funding for a purchase, renovation, or other investment while an investor waits for long-term financing. It gets money in your bank account quickly, without you having to use credit cards. 

What are some common types of bridge loan financing?

Bridge loan financing can be used for multifamily, office, retail, hotel, motel, self-storage, and many other types of real estate purchases.

What is a commercial bridge?

A commercial bridge in personal finance is simply another name for a bridge loan, and is used in the same way — bridging the gap until you can acquire long-term financing.

How does a bridging loan work?

Commercial bridge loans work by offering interest-only loans with short terms designed to get you from point A, your real estate opportunity, to point B, a long-term loan.

What is the loan amount?

We typically deal in bridge loan amounts ranging from $ 1 million and go up from there. Yes, it is possible to do a larger amount with us.

Who can receive a bridge loan from us?

We provide a bridge loan to all property types like Multifamily, Office, Retail, Industries, Hotel.

What is the percentage LTV allowed?

We are typically able to get up to 80% of the as-is value and up to 85% of the cost. Leverage will vary depending on the strength of the deal and property type.

What are the different interest rate options offered by Clopton Capital?

Our capital sources offer fixed and floating rate bridge loan rates, most often rates are quoted over Libor.

What payment schedule is allowed?

Interest-only payments are standard in bridge lending.

How long is the bridge loan term?

Our lenders offer short-term financing up to 60 months with extensions, however, most commercial bridge loans will be for much shorter periods.

Will the loan be recourse or nonrecourse?

Most of our loans will be non-recourse, however, some loans may require elements of recourse due to additional risks involved.

Which bridge loan lending scenario do we typically deal in?

Commercial Bridge loans are flexible financing structures that can handle virtually any lending scenario.

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✓ We deal in loans ranging from $ 1 million and go up from there.
✓ Our interest rates are very reasonable.
✓ Our services can be availed nationwide.
✓ Our processes are easy and hassle-free.
✓ Our bridge loans cover all the real estate classes.
✓ We are one of the most renowned commercial mortgage brokers.
✓ Our Advisory Services will help you decide the best-fit lending options.

And guess what? We have the ability to close the deals within a short period of time. It is that simple.

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Bridge loanAbout Clopton Capital

Clopton Capital is one of the leading commercial mortgage brokers in the United States and is backed by professionally trained and experienced commercial real estate loan brokers. We have closed deals topping several $ billion over the last 10 years. Our mortgage rates are the most competitive in the industry. Check our mortgage rates calculator to find yourself a good deal.

Clopton Capital offers the most competitive bridge financing options for multifamily and real estate nationwide. We are unique in the way that we offer diverse and flexible commercial bridge loan options to our clients. This is possible because we are backed by the most competitive commercial real estate loan brokers.

Our products are sourced from private debt funds, banks, life-cos, credit unions, and private equity.

Our deep industry knowledge and strong reputation are some of the key reasons why we are one of the leading commercial brokers in the United States.

Real client case studies resolved by us

Want to see how we manage commercial bridge loans in practice? Read on to explore three real case studies of work that our mortgage brokers have completed with clients in a range of markets, each with their own unique needs and motivations for seeking a commercial bridge loan.

Client with Urgent Financing Need for Retail Center

Our client needed financing fast. They needed to clear an $8 million maturing commercial property loan for a retail center, and the center had a large space that was on a rolling lease. The lease term couldn’t be extended prior to the loan maturing. Due to this complex situation, the client was unable to secure a permanent loan and finance his LLC-held investment.

Our mortgage brokers arranged a 24-month, non-recourse, interest-only commercial bridge loan that allowed the client to complete the lease roll for his problem area and stabilize the property until the client could qualify for a permanent loan.

Investor-Partnership Structure Looking to Develop Apartment Building

Our client was looking for an acquisition and rehab bridge loan (interest only with non-recourse) for an apartment building deal. The client wanted enough time to stabilize the property and apply for a permanent loan. Our mortgage brokers were able to arrange a 24-month, $5.5 million non-recourse commercial bridge loan. As a result, the client was able to achieve 75% of stabilized value in acquisition and rehab dollars. They were then able to meet their partnership objectives more quickly.

Borrower Immersed in Trust Structure

Our client was looking to secure a bridge loan aimed at exiting out of $8 million commercial first mortgages maturing together for four investment properties. The trustee needed enough time to decide if the properties were to be sold or refinanced. Our solution was to arrange a 24-month, interest-only option with a non-recourse bridge loan. This way the trust was able to get additional time to determine a long-term strategy for the property.

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