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We Offer Apartment Building Loans Nationwide

Work with the top commercial mortgage broker offering highly competitive apartment building loans nationwide. Our loan products include Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae (small balance & conventional), bank & life-co loans, FHA, and private lender financing. Whether you are acquiring, refinancing, building, or renovating a multifamily property we will have the most competitive financing option available quickly and efficiently.

Program Details

Our loan programs have a minimum loan size of $750k with no maximum.

The typical maximum 1st mortgage loan to value for multifamily properties is 80%, however this can vary based on property class and geography. With FHA loans we can go up to 85% LTV.

Our programs have a variety of fixed rate options, starting at variable rates up to 30 years fixed.

We can typically do between 3 – 5 years interest only at maximum leverage, with full term interest only starting at around 70% depending on the property.

The vast majority of our programs are non-recourse, however some require personal guarantees.

Every market in the United States is available.

Regardless of where the property is in the life cycle, we will have a highly competitive loan option for it.

Why work with us

Clopton Capital, a Chicago commercial mortgage broker that caters to private investors, small to middle market real estate entities and family offices nationwide, prides itself in providing clients with superior terms and service when it comes to multifamily financing options. There is no sub-market that responds to our connection with the most competitive commercial mortgage lenders in the country than this property sector. All our key services converge when it comes to meeting the diverse needs of borrowers looking for options to enter the dynamic field of multifamily leveraging.

Apartment Building Loan Financing Terms

  • Benefit from our streamlined appraisal process
  • Multifamily loans from $750k – $50m+ get the same Clopton VIP attention
  • Up to 80% loan to value ratio is quite conceivable
  • Purchase, refinance, cash out, or construction – all options are open
  • Interest only is available; also, loan term amortizations & terms up to 30 years
  • Without question, our loan rates are the lowest in any selected category

We’re an all-embracing Multifamily borrowing resource

Our expertise resonates with every conceivable client structure ranging from partnerships to trusts, from corporations (including LLCs, S Corps, Trusts, and Delaware Corporations) to estates – extending out even to foreign nationals. We facilitate the refinancing of apartment buildings, the leveraging of new construction, and everything in between. The standout feature of dealing with us repeats time and again: that is, we jettison the small print concerns from every contract with clear explanations and full transparency.

We never venture outside the bigger picture

Our apartment building management and development clients in US metropolitan areas, smaller town hubs, and country regions alike respond positively to the seamless way we address niggling items like prepayments, penalties, and variable rates. Our experienced apartment building loan brokers quickly put things in their true perspective as they zone in on the lowest multifamily lending rates and easiest principal redemption terms for commercial apartment loans. We know exactly how to steer things favorably towards the funding that will serve your needs best. As a premier commercial mortgage broker Clopton has access to short-term bridge loans, mezzanine financing (https://cloptoncapital.com/mezzanine-financing-real-estate/), preferred equity, real estate private equity, and construction loans. For further description of our construction loan offers, visit this page: https://cloptoncapital.com/commercial-construction-loans/.

Unsurpassed experience, fastest deal-closers in the business

Over the last 10 years, Clopton Capital has secured many billions of dollars in asset-backed funding for real estate that features established apartment developments and those in construction. You will be amazed at the speed that our dedicated loan officers locate the equity value in the property, no matter whether it is low-income subsidized housing or A, B, or C grade apartment buildings – especially if you are renovating to improve the existing classification. Once done, underwriting is a single-minded exercise until an offer is in front of you ready to be signed.

Apartment Building Loans

In summary

The minute you walk into Clopton Capital or connect with us online, it’s our mission to help you be the dominant real estate renter in your selected markets. We take a holistic approach to multi-family lending, which goes a lot further than separate conventional functions like loan approvals and ensuring down payments. Our goal is to be a guiding hand all the way until you get to where you’re going to. You’ll be impressed right from the start when you observe how we accurately assess mortgage rates and then methodically match them to mortgage lenders. These are assigned to you on a case-by-case basis. In the end, your mortgage interest charges will unquestionably be inside your comfort zone.

Talking more specifically, the following is a short list of multifamily lender types that work well. We give you on-demand access to all of them:

  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • HUD, FHA
  • Life insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Private debt funds
  • Bridge lenders
  • Banks & credit unions

Note: Properties with less than 5 units are residential and as such do not qualify as commercial, and therefore are not eligible under our conventional programs for a loan or line of credit when investing.

Commercial Apartment Building Loan dilemmas: some real client case studies resolved by us.

Case Study 1 – A cash out scenario

An apartment building owner structured in a corporation was exploring as to how refinancing options could help him realize some hard cash for a building he had owned for the past 10 years in Minnesota. Originally bought for $2 million, it had realized significant appreciation over the past 10 years. Also, our client emphasized that the property represented most of his net worth so this was a pivotal point in his investment strategy. He was dependent on us for a viable solution and we took the responsibility seriously. The results were truly gratifying as we fully cashed out the asset for him with 80% loan to current value coming to over $5 million. We also set the property on a 10-year fixed, very competitive rate, a 30-year amortization, and no personal guarantee from the owner. The borrower applied the cash to the purchase of another building.

Case Study 2 – Speed, speed, and more speed

A borrower representing a partnership arrangement came to us looking for the acquisition of a $12.5 million apartment building in Chicago where speed was of the essence. The seller was particularly difficult, insisting on the deal closing within 30 days, failing which there were big losses looming: our client would forfeit his earnest money and the property purchase opportunity would dissolve at the same time. They say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” – well, there’s none tougher in the lending paradigm than Clopton: we arranged a bridge loan that closed within 2 weeks of meeting the client for an all-around happy result. This case study represents what we do best – pull out all the stops out when the chips are down. One of the most important aspects emerging from this apartment building loan was low upfront closing cost and no prepayment of exit fees based on the anticipated speedy conversion to a permanent leveraging arrangement. This saved the borrower a significant capital outlay.

Case Study 3 – Conversion opportunity

A client owning all units in a condo development save four, required funds to purchase the same and then convert the property into an all-for-rent building. The borrower understood the convoluted nature of his request considering that his structure – a Delaware corporation – was seeking a multifamily advance for an apartment building to be but not there right now. We found a commercial lender that saw the bigger picture perfectly and so provided a funding built around a 5-year fixed rate, 30-year amortization that recognized the equity value in the condo units our client owned. Bottom line: it allowed the borrower to acquire the additional units, get them rented, and operate the building as a standard apartment building as originally visualized.

To find out more about our multifamily and apartment building loan programs at Clopton Capital, or to discuss any commercial loan scenario for that matter, call us directly at 866-647-1650 or fill out the contact form on the “Contact us” page.

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