Apartment Building Loans

When you are looking for lending to get apartment building loans, you want to make sure that you can find the most competitive mortgage and interest rate for your property. There are many more places to look outside of just local banks which can offer lower rates with better terms for commercial real estate and commercial mortgage options, and we have consistently provided access to those mortgage loan lenders. Through our lender network, we are able to offer nationwide real estate loan options and multifamily financing to borrowers looking to purchase, refinance, cash out, or construct any investment property. And with our clear loan application process and real estate loan expertise, our investors and broker partnerships are more effective than any others on the market.

We’ll help you determine how much deposit you’ll need to proceed and receive your commercial mortgage loan and begin pursuing your real estate investment. We’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of what mortgage payment you can expect and connect you with the perfect banker or mortgage lender for your needs. Worried about a prepayment. penalty or variable rate concerns? We always communicate your terms clearly so you’re never caught off guard.

Apartment Building Financing Terms:

  • Streamlined appraisal process
  • Property loans amounting from $1 million +
  • Up to 80% loan to value ratio on real estate loans
  • Purchase, refinance, cash out, construction
  • Amortization & terms up to 30 years, with interest only available
  • Long term and low interest rates

Our lenders for apartment building loans offer a dedicated loan officer, fast underwriting for loans or refinancing, and a variety of different capital sources including government agencies and private institutions to ensure your commercial property receives the perfect commercial lending it needs. Commercial loans should be as efficient as your business, and that’s why we offer access to the commercial real estate loans designed to get you where you’re going and become an asset as effective as your investments themselves.

Below is a short list of lender types that we provide access to for your commercial loan:

  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • HUD, FHA
  • Life insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Private debt funds
  • Bridge lenders
  • Banks & credit unions

Our multifamily and apartment building loans financing programs are available nationwide for any commercial classified property in need of borrowing power. Properties with less than 5 units are residential, do not qualify as commercial, and would not be eligible under our conventional programs for a line of credit when investing.

We can offer financing on all classes of commercial apartment buildings, from low income subsidized housing to class A luxury buildings. To find out more about our programs for commercial lenders or discuss a loan scenario, call us directly at 866-647-1650 or fill out the contact for on the contact us page.

Examples of Apartment Building Loans

Example 1) A borrower came to us wanted to refinance and cash out an apartment building he had owned for the past 10 years in Minnesota. The property was originally purchased for apprx $2 million, but had appreciated in value significantly over the past 10 years. This was the only property the borrower owned and most of his net worth was coming from the property itself. The terms he was looking for were non-recourse, long term fixed rate, max cash flow, and max cash out. With this deal, we are able to fully cash out the property up to 80% loan to current value, which came in over $5 million. We also set the property on a 10 year fixed very competitive, a 30 year amortization, and no personal guarantee from the owner. This deal allowed the borrower take significant cash out the property and purchase another building.

Example 2) A borrower came to us looking for a quick acquisition of a $12.5 million apartment building in Chicago. The borrower was working with a difficult seller and needed to close on the property within 30 days or else he would lose his earnest money and lose the property. We were able to arrange a fast closing bridge loan for the borrower that closed within 2 weeks of him coming to us and secured the property. One of the most important aspects of this loan was low transaction costs, due the the fact that it was going to be refinanced quickly to a perm loan. As such, the bridge loan had low upfront closing costs and no prepayment of exit fees, saving the borrower significant capital.

Example 3) A borrower came to us looking to acquire four condos in a building that he already owned all of the other units and convert the property to an all for rent building. The borrower was looking for apartment building loans that would use his existing equity in the units he owned so that he would not have to bring in additional capital to acquire the remaining units. We were able to arrange a 5 year fixed rate, 30 year amortization deal that did just that. Allowed the borrower to acquire the additional units, get them rented, and operate the building as a standard apartment building.

Trust Clopton Capital for Apartment Building Financing

At Clopton Capital, we. see more than a property value when we look at your file. We don’t just work to get you financed, we strive to help you dominate the real estate market with the perfect mortgage financing for your situation. And it doesn’t begin or end with loan approval or your down payment.  The banking business is about relationships, and we’re dedicated to offering commercial property loans with a personal touch that make us one of the most recommended providers of business real estate loans in the country. We believe money lenders should be more than the sum of terms like principal and interest. We want your income property to become a success, and to guide you through the mortgage process until you get to where you’re going.

Whether you’re looking to get an investment property loan on a multi family property, receive mortgage refinance options, apply for a loan on an investment, or just learn about what your mortgage rate might look like, we can help. We assess mortgage rates and assign mortgage lenders on a case by case basis to make sure that your mortgage interest is always manageable.

Discuss your financing options with us today– contact Clopton Capital to request information or file a mortgage application.

At Clopton Capital, business banking is more than just our business– it’s our passion.

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