Commercial Mortgage Rates

Below you will find current commercial mortgage rates as we see them in the marketplace. These are to be used as guidelines and are not an offer to lend. As you know, every deal is different. Without fully insuring a property and sponsor, it is impossible to know what rate you will get on your loan. As a result, rates can be lower or higher than the rates posted here. Below, we have provided rate ranges based on current index rates and current credit spreads that we see in the marketplace.

We offer more loan terms than those provided below, however these represent the most common loan structures. Each of these quotes are based on a theoretical commercial mortgage at 75% ltv. A lower loan to value for each scenario would in theory lower each rate.

Current Index Rates
Treasury rates
5 year2.96%
7 year3.03%
10 year3.07%
1 month LIBOR2.18%
Multifamily Fixed Rate LoansLow RangeHigh Range
5 year 4.26%4.71%
7 year 4.33%4.78%
10 year4.37%4.82%
Commercial Fixed Rate LoansLow RangeHigh Range
5 year 4.46%4.86%
7 year 4.53%4.93%
10 year4.57%4.97%
Bridge Loan Rates
Commercial 5.68%10.68%

These posted commercial mortgages rates apply to all commercial real estate property types that we service. Below is a list of current property types that are a fit for our programs;

  • Multifamily & Apartment buildings
  • Retail centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels & motels
  • Industrial property
  • Self Storage facilities
  • Mobile home parks

Clopton Capital is a nationwide commercial real estate capital company and mortgage banking firm. We specialize in commercial mortgages, commercial bridge loans, and real estate private equity for transaction sizes ranges from $1 to $40 million. The commercial mortgage lenders at our company bring long lasting relationships with capital providers that give our clients deep insight and superior execution.

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We’re able to quickly provide commercial mortgage rates for any loan inquiry when given the loan amount, property type, loan to value, and desired fixed period. To get a soft quote on any commercial mortgage, simply fill out the contact form.

When requesting your quote, be sure to include the following information:

Loan amount

Property type and location

Property value

Desired fixed period and amortization

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