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Industrial And Commercial Property Loans

Looking for a loan on industrial property? You’ve come to the right place. Clopton Capital is a trusted broker for commercial property loans that will give you access to the best industrial property loan rates and help you access any loan for industrial property purchase, refinance, cash-out, or other need.

Regardless of the property type and credit eligibility, we’ll work with you to amplify what you’re capable of obtaining for your business. We want to give you the most possible commercial real estate options, best mortgage terms, access to nationwide lends, and the ability to borrow against your current lease anywhere in the USA.

We even offer a powerful loan comparison tool and will help you gauge market interest in your property, ensuring you get the best commercial rate for all acquisitions along the way. Ready to expand your assets with the purchase of an industrial property with a beneficial industrial property loan? Contact Clopton Capital today.

industrial property loan

Clopton (https://cloptoncapital.com/) is a national commercial mortgage broker in the business of matching borrowers involved in multifamily, industrial, commercial, and mixed-use real estate to lenders suited to their needs for asset-backed funding. Needs invariably include purchasing, refinancing, or rehabbing a property.

Commercial Property Loan Use Cases

Use cases for commercial property loans can range from a standard purchase to a construction loan or rehab loan designed to help get a property into working condition before a business opens or reopens.

Types Of Commercial Loans At Clopton Capital

Permanent Loans

A permanent loan is a type of debt financing that allows the borrower to have a set amount of money lent to them that is then repaid over a specific period of time. The term for a permanent loan is usually longer than that for a short-term loan, and the interest rate is usually lower. Unlike a line of credit, which allows the borrower to draw on the funds as needed, a permanent loan obligates the borrower to take out the entire amount at once.

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that is used to cover the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of the old property.

Conventional Mortgages

A conventional commercial mortgage is a loan that is not insured or guaranteed by the federal government. The lender will review the property and the borrower to make sure that they are a good risk.

Construction Loans

A commercial construction loan is a type of construction loan available for the purpose of commercial property development. They are typically used to fund expenses that the developer cannot afford during the construction phase, such as marketing, salaries, and administrative costs.

The goal of a commercial construction loan is to make profitable projects possible in markets where there is a significant risk of losing money.

In order to qualify for a commercial construction loan, an individual or company must have a proven track record of success in the industry.

Rehab Loans

A rehab loan is a commercial property loan that is used for renovations or to prepare a property for habitation or other approved use.

Refinance With Cash Out

When you refinance your commercial property with a cash-out loan, you take out a new loan to pay off your old loan and get the difference in cash. You can use the cash for any purpose, such as renovating your property, paying off debt or investing in new businesses.

Types Of Entities We Provide Loans For

We provide loans for a range of commercial entities, ranging from sole proprietors to large enterprises looking to expand their real estate holdings.

Why Choose Our Services?

Why choose Clopton Capital? Here are some of the top reasons.

No Hidden Fees

You’ll never have an unexpected charge or hidden fee as part of your loan process. That’s the Clopton guarantee.

Flexible Deals 

We’re willing to work with you for a deal that works. If something doesn’t fit exactly, we’ll adjust it until it does – and that’s how we’ve built the reputation for which we’re known.

Transparent Deals 

Long gone are the days of waiting on obnoxious contingencies or fees that are hidden in the fine print. Our deals are clear-cut and easily explained. You’ll never be left in the dark with a Clopton Capital deal.

Deal Security 

Clopton Capital’s deals are secure, as we only work with the most reputable lenders in the country. You’re in safe hands with us.

industrial property financing

Our Cases Of Financing

Here are a few real use cases resolved by Clopton Capital and our network of lenders.

Case Study 1

A borrower structured in an LLC wanted to purchase an office building in Fort Lauderdale for $9.5 million that was part of an association with 3 other buildings. The borrower planned to use 3rd party management on a non-owner occupied basis, thus buying the building purely as an investment. We structured a 75% loan-to-value non-recourse loan (i.e. a 25% down payment), with a 10-year very competitive rate, 2 years of interest only on the front-end that transitions to a 30-year amortization in year-3. Our client was satisfied with this arrangement as a way to maximize its cash flow and ROI on the investment with the added benefit of zero personal recourse.

Case Study 2

A borrower in a partnership structure was facing a loan maturing with a balloon payment attached to an apartment building in KY. The investor wanted to contain closing costs and was uncertain what to do with the property. Its goal was a mortgage with a fixed rate but did not want any prepayment on the loan in case the partners decided to sell and repay their debt. We found a lender on our exclusive long-term relationship list able to arrange a commercial mortgage with a 5-year fixed rate, 25-year amortization that did not have any prepayment at all starting on day-1. This way our client was protected against rate increases for 5 years with enough latitude over that time-period to figure out if it wanted to sell or keep the property.

Case Study 3

A corporation borrower with a portfolio of retail centers in Indiana approached us to refinance and cash out on all of the properties. The properties were located across western Indiana and were comprised mainly of grocery-anchored shopping centers. We induced one of our mainstay lenders to structure a portfolio mortgage for $16.5 million across all the properties, that transferred over $6 million into the borrowers pocket, maintained a very competitive 10 year fixed rate and settled on a 30-year amortization, non-recourse.

Contact Us To Start The Application Process 

Don’t wait before achieving your industrial property vision! Contact Clopton Capital today to start the process of getting an industrial property loan and acquiring the property you’ve had your eye on as a potentially profitable opportunity.

Industrial Property Loan FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we receive relating to industrial property loans.

Can I Get A Residential Loan For An Industrial Property?

Yes, you can get a residential loan for an industrial property. Contact Clopton Capital to learn more about our industrial property loans.

Am I Eligible For A Commercial Loan?

Clopton Capital offers commercial loans to a wide range of borrowers, including those who are seeking their first loan, those who have been turned down by other lenders, and those who have complex deals. To learn more about your eligibility for a commercial loan, contact us today.

Who Can Get Loans On Commercial Property? 

Clopton Capital offers loans on commercial property to a wide range of borrowers, including those who are seeking their first loan, those who have been turned down by other lenders, and those who have complex deals. To learn more about your eligibility for a commercial loan, contact us today.

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