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We Provide Retail Shopping Center loans Nationwide

Work with the top commercial mortgage broker offering retail center loans nationwide with highly competitive rates and terms. We work with real estate companies and individual investors alike and are able to achieve options that are typically not available from local banks. Contact us today to learn more by calling 866-647-1650.

Program Details

Our loan programs have a minimum loan size of $1,000,000 with technically no maximum.

The typical maximum 1st mortgage loan to value is 75%, with higher LTV’s of up to 85% available by using mezzanine or pref equity.

Our programs have several fixed rate options, starting at variable rates up to 25 years fixed.

Typically we can achieve between 3 – 5 years interest only at maximum leverage, with full term interest only starting at around 65% depending on the property.

The vast majority of our programs are non-recourse, however some require personal guarantees.

Every market in the United States is available.

Regardless of where the property is in the life cycle, we will have a highly competitive loan option for it.

Chicago-based Clopton Capital is a national commercial mortgage broker intensely involved in raising retail shopping center loans for private investors, small/middle market real estate entities, or family offices anywhere in the USA. We offer our borrowers looking to raise anything from $1 million to $40 million a range of asset-backed leveraging options after doing our due-diligence. These extensively cover commercial mortgages, CMBS loans, bridge loans, retail loans, mezzanine financing, preferred equity, and real estate private equity from banks, credit unions, and insurance companies – customized to your unique retail property needs.

Types of Retail Shopping Center Loans Clopton can help you with

For any retail shopping center, we are able to offer a variety of fixed rate periods and terms within the general outline below:

  • LTV up to 75% (85% higher with mezzanine finance)
  • Up to 25 year fixed rates
  • Up to 30-year amortizations, interest only available
  • First mortgage & mezzanine positions
  • Loan amounts starting at $1 million, ranging to $50 million plus
  • Non-recourse & recourse options
  • Flexible prepayment options
  • Bridge loans
  • Acquisitions, refinancing, cash outs, construction

We make groundbreaking strides toward deal closings, in most cases based on our close relationships with the most competitive retail lenders in the USA. Our efforts inevitably lead to the lowest interest rates in the marketplace, contained in non-recourse lending arrangements nearly every time. Moreover, our amortization negotiations are designed around your comfort zone without getting close to triggering potential credit lapses. And you should know, fixed or variable interest-only loans are not uncommon when entering the retail loan space.

As a shopping center owner, there are so many different circumstances connected to your investment. For example, maturing retail mortgages that require refinancing; or cash out opportunities – especially for long-term holders that want to realize some of the appreciation with hard money, or simply you are contending with variable interest rates that need containment. Our Clopton commercial mortgage brokers are refinancing experts. We will transition you into something that creates stability and peace of mind.

If you are invested in a mall, strip shopping center, or any other retail variation through a partnership, trust, corporation, LLC, Delaware Corporation, estate, or as a foreign national, we understand the in’s and out’s of every structure. Are you at a crossroad in retail real estate development and not sure of your next step? We can set up a bridge loan to give you time. Also, commercial construction loans for retail developments from the ground up and for renovations are our everyday thing.

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Some of Clopton Capital’s actual Retail Property Funding case studies

Case Study 1

A borrower in a Delaware Corporation sought to refinance a newly built shopping center coming off of a construction loan. It had a mix of regional and national tenants with a moderately long lease roll. We structured a $14.5 million cash-out refinancing option that put $2 million into the developer’s pocket and kicked the property off onto a 10-year very competitive fixed rate with a 30-year amortization commercial loan.

Case Study 2

A borrower managing an estate wanted a bridge loan for a grocery-anchored shopping center in Florida. The property had almost fully occupied inline space, but the grocery anchor’s lease had lapsed and was not renewed. However, a new grocer to fill the space was in the wings and the estate needed a short loan to aid this transition before fixing on more permanent leveraging. We were able to structure a non-recourse bridge loan for 24 months that gets the owner the TI money it needed with interest-only payments. Moreover, it bought enough time to get the new tenant in ahead of long-term funding to follow.

Case Study 3

A partnership approached us with a multiplicity of requirements: cash-out refinancing of a retail center in South Carolina, with non-recourse, flexible prepayment, and less restrictive loan terms. We were able to structure a 70% LTV, providing a 10-year fixed rate deal, on a 30-year amortization that was non-recourse, with a step-down prepayment and no reserves. This gave the borrower everything it was looking for in shopping center loan financing, plus additional cash out proceeds into the client’s pocket.

To understand more about shopping center loans and refinancing, contact one of Clopton Capital’s commercial mortgage lenders by calling 866-647-1650 or using the Contact Us form available from the menu. We’re always happy to work with investors to find the right loan rates and repayment plans to suit your retail real estate needs. And with low closing costs attached to a straightforward documentation and underwriting process, your commercial loan process will be stress-free.

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