CMBS Loans

Clopton Capital is a nationwide provider of commercial mortgage backed security or CMBS loans. These loans can be used to purchase, refinance, and/or cash out on a commercial property. The closing and servicing aspects of these types of loans is very different from a typical commercial mortgage closing. As opposed to a lender that keeps the loan on their balance sheet, CMBS lenders package the loan with many other loans and sell them off to investors in pools. The servicing of the loans is then also sold of and typically handled by another 3rd party.

CMBS loan terms and structure

  • Loan amounts from $1 – 100 million
  • Nationwide lending area
  • Property types include multifamily, retail, office, industrial, hospitality
  • 5, 7, & 10 year fixed periods, ballooning at end of fixed period
  • up to 30 year amortizations with interest only periods
  • non-recourse, subject to bad-boy carve outs
  • reserves for taxes, insurance, & cap-ex
  • defeasance or yield maintenance prepayment

Clopton Capital is a nationwide commercial real estate capital company and mortgage banking firm. We specialize in commercial mortgages, commercial bridge loans, and real estate private equity for transaction sizes ranges from $1 to $40 million. The commercial mortgage lenders at our company bring long lasting relationships with capital providers that give our clients deep insight and superior execution.

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