Commercial Mortgage Refinance

When it’s time to start looking at refinancing your property, we can offer several options that can far exceed what is available through local banks. Whether you have an upcoming balloon payment, want to take cash out, lower payments, or simply change the terms of your loan, our network of commercial mortgage refinance lenders can offer superior options. We have a wide network of lender including banks, credit union, life companies, pension funds, bridge lenders, cmbs, & private lenders we provide access to in order to secure the most competitive option for your refinance.

Commercial Mortgage Refinance Options We Offer

Below are the typical refinance scenarios that we can help with;

  • Maturing loan with pending balloon payment
  • Lower interest rate
  • Fixed period resetting
  • Commercial cash out refinance
  • Provide longer or shorter amortization
  • Partner buyout
  • Provide renovation capital

With the above scenarios, we can typically offer the below terms;

  • Up to 75% LTV (commercial) 80% (multifamily)
  • Fixed period up to 30 years
  • Up to 30 years amortization, interest only available
  • non-recourse and recourse available

To discuss any commercial mortgage refinance scenario with on of our originators, call us directly at 866-647-1650 or fill out the contact form to the right.

Why a Commercial Mortgage Refinance

There are several reasons why a refinance today could make sense for you, below we have outlined some of the major reasons driving commercial mortgage refinances that we see.

Maturing mortgages – If you have a commercial mortgage that has a balloon payments coming up, you are going to want to start looking at refinance options as soon as possible. What you really want to avoid is s scenario where you have to go over your maturity and go back to your current lender and ask for more time. Most often they will charge you for that extra time in the form of fees or higher interest.

Lower rate – Often we see people coming to us with high loan rates that are looking to lower their rate. They could have a high rate due to the type of loan that they are in, or simply because they did not execute a very competitive loan initially.

Cash out – One of the major reasons you may want to consider a commercial mortgage refinance is to take cash out of you existing property to go towards additional investments. Because cash out proceeds are tax deferred, we often see people take these proceeds and invest them elsewhere, getting a high return on their initial invested dollars.

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