Hotel Financing

The hotel Financing programs we offer can be used to purchase, renovate, refinance, or build a hotel anywhere in the country. When you are looking to finance a hotel, there are many options available outside of just local banks that can offer very competitive rates and terms. As an intermediary with a large network of hotel lenders, we provide access to those lenders and can tailor a loan to your specific goals for your investment. When it comes to navigating the hotel loans marketplace, it can difficult to know who is lending today and what terms they offer. That is the insight and advantage you will get by working with one of our hotel loan originators.

Types of hotel loans we do

We offer a variety of rates and terms for hotels from many different lenders, below is a general outline;

  • LTV up to 75% (80% with SBA or USDA)
  • Up to 10 year fixed rates
  • Up to 30 years amortization
  • First mortgage & mezz positions
  • non-recourse available
  • Loan amounts from $1 million +

Below are the loan structures that we can offer;

  • SBA & USDA loans
  • CMBS loans
  • Conventional loans
  • Purchase, refinance, PIP and construction

Our borrowers are typically small to middle market hotel owners and operators looking to finance over $1 million. We work with anyone in the country for a wide range of hotel property types including full service, limited service, flagged, independent, boutique, resort, etc. To discuss hotel financing today, call 866-647-1650 or fill out the contact form to the right.

Contact Us - 866-647-1650

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