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Looking to turn a profit on a hotel property but need cash flow to invest? The hotel financing programs we offer can be used to access working capital and banking. for the acquisition, renovation, refinancing, or a construction loan to build a hotel anywhere in the country with dependable lines of credit and low expenses for business financing. When you are looking to qualify to finance a hotel, there are many flexible commercial loans available outside of just a local bank loan that can offer very competitive hotel financing rates and terms. As an intermediary and broker with a large network of institutional and commercial lenders looking to lend to borrowers like you, we provide access to those hotel lenders and can tailor a loan to your specific goals for your investment. You’ll find manageable repayment options, competitive interest rates, fast loan application and approval as well as the most pleasant business lending experience throughout the term loan with a focus on commercial loan expertise. When it comes to navigating the hotel debt financing marketplace for a new business or venture, it be can difficult to know who is lending today and what terms you can get as well as what’s involved in gaining approval and be funded. That is the insight and advantage you will get by working with one of our hotel loan originators.

Types of hotel loans we do

We’re a trusted brokerage institution that can offer a variety of business funding rates and terms for hotel commercial real estate loans and financing options from many different lenders. Below is a general outline;

  • Loan to value ratio up to 75% (80% with SBA or USDA)
  • Up to 10 year fixed rates
  • Up to 30 years amortization
  • First commercial mortgage & mezz positions
  • non-recourse available
  • Business loans from $1 million +

Below are the business loan structures that we can offer;

  • SBA loans & USDA loans (low down payment)
  • CMBS loans
  • Conventional loans on good credit, commercial mortgages, short term loans and long term fixed rates
  • Fast underwriting
  • Flexible funding options for your unique circumstance
  • Lenders who specialize in hotel financing
  • Bridge loans (as low as 1:1 debt service)
  • Purchase, refinance, PIP and construction
  • Joint Ventures

Our borrowers are typically small to middle market hotel owners and operators looking to finance over $1 million. We work with any entrepreneur in the country for a wide range of collateral and hotel property types including full service, limited service, flagged, independent, boutique, resort, etc. To discuss hotel financing today, call 866-647-1650 or fill out the contact form to the right.

Examples of Hotel Financing We Can Offer

Example 1) A business owner came to us looking to refinance and cash out of an existing Holiday Inn Express located in Florida. The borrower had owned the property for 4 years and had put in significant capital improvements and increased net operating income substantially. Local banks were not able to service the funding for the asset and it needed a lender that was not restricted like a traditional bank. We were able to structure a $9 million 10 year fixed rate loan at a very competitive interest rate, 30 year amortization, and cash out the borrower over $3 million to put into his pocket, all while keeping the loan non recourse.

Example 2) An investor was looking to payoff his existing mortgage and borrow additional cash out funds to perform a PIP on a Best Western located in North Carolina. The borrower wanted non recourse and did not want to be locked into a large prepayment because he did not know what he planned to do with the property. We were able to structure a 70% loan to value $7 million bridge loan, that gave the borrower $2 million for the PIP, low interest payments, and gave him 24 months to decide to either sell the property of refinance again with a long term mortgage.

Example 3) A group of investors came to us with an independent hotel that was on a ground lease with the US Army. They were looking to obtain a $20 million refinance of a maturing mortgage that had to be non recourse, extremely competitive, low monthly payments, and be able to deal with the complex ground lease and the various outs it contained. We were able to structure a 10 year fixed rate deal with a 30 year amortization with a life insurance company, that was able to handle the ground lease and gave the owners an extremely competitive interest rate.

If you need business credit for the expansion or start up of a hotel investing project, we can offer access to a line of credit so that you can invest in the hotel property of your dreams. You’ll experience a smooth transaction, clear paperwork requirements, and a more straightforward approach to investing than you ever thought possible. Talk to Clopton Capital about loan terms for your unique situation today.

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