Mobile Home Park Financing

We offer Mobile Home Park Financing programs for the acquisition, refinance, or cash out of mobile home properties nationwide. When you are considering financing a mobile home property, there are many more competitive options available outside of traditional local bank lending. We give our borrowers access to exceptional rates and terms through our network of lenders. Our lenders include government agencies, banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, pension funds, & private debt companies. Because of our longstanding relationships with these lenders, we are able to offer the most competitively negotiated loan terms for any mobile home property.

Types of Mobile Home Park Financing & Loans We Offer

For any property, we can offer a variety of fixed rate periods and terms, below is a general outline

  • LTV up to 80%
  • Up to 30 year fixed rates
  • Up to 30 year amortizations, interest only available
  • First mortgage & mezz positions
  • Loan amounts starting at $1 million
  • Non-recourse & recourse options

Below are the typical loan types that we offer;

  • Conventional
  • CMBS
  • Government Agency (FHA, Fannie, Freddie)
  • Bridge loans
  • Acquisitions, refinances, cash outs, construction

To view our commercial mortgage programs, click HERE

To view our commercial bridge loan programs, click HERE

To view our construction loan programs, click HERE

To view current mobile home park loan rates, click HERE

Our borrowers for mobile home park loans are typically middle & small market cap owners and operators of one or several properties. We work with all different quality and size of parks, from high end A quality parks to struggling parks with differed maintenance issues. To discuss options for financing a mobile home park, call 866-647-1650 or fill out the contact us form to the right.

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