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Office Building Loan Financing In The USA

Work with the top commercial mortgage broker in the industry offering highly competitive financing for all income producing real estate assets nationwide. Whether you are looking to acquire, improve, cash out, or refinance, our lenders will have the most competitive rates and terms.

Financing an office building doesn’t have to be a stressful process. You can access office building mortgages that will allow you everything from refinancing an existing facility to financing building a new office from scratch with Clopton Capital.

Office Building financing

Office building loans may seem complex, but with support from Clopton and our nationwide network of mortgage lenders across the USA, we’ll help you secure land and buildings, prime facilities, and the right real estate loans on both the primary and secondary market. Access the right terms and conditions, prime investors, and fund your loan fast to access capital as soon as you need it.

Reasons For Obtaining Commercial Office Building Loans

  •     Paying off high interest credit cards
  •     Upgrading your home
  •     Consolidating debt, whether it is a personal loan or school loan
  •     Investing in something that has higher returns than cash such as real estate property
  •     Buying commercial property such as an office building

When it comes to acquiring an office building, you will need to have the finances in order. Commercial mortgage lenders will offer a wide variety of loan products for all types of commercial properties. Office buildings are typically used for business purposes and can be rented out to tenants. There are many reasons as to why you may want to acquire

Types Of Loans We Provide

There are typically two types of loans when it comes to commercial office buildings. You can either take out a commercial mortgage or purchase the building using private financing in the form of cash. Here are some of the commercial office building financing loans we provide.


A mortgage loan is a type of secured loan where the property acts as collateral. In order to get a mortgage loan, you will need to have a down payment and your credit score will need to be in good standing. The terms for a mortgage loan can range from 5 – 30 years, depending on the lender.


A refinance loan is a type of commercial mortgage which aims to replace an existing first mortgage with a new one. The reason for refinancing can be to lower monthly payments, shorten the term of the loan but keep the same interest rate, and reduce closing costs.

Cash-out Refinancing

This type of commercial mortgage allows the business owner to borrow more money than what they currently owe on the property. The cash is then used for other business purposes such as expanding or renovating. To qualify for a cash-out refinance, you will need to have a good credit score and show that your company is profitable.

Bridge Loan

When you need money fast for a business purpose, but can’t get a commercial mortgage because it is too soon, you may consider a bridge loan. These types of loans usually range from 1 – 3 years and have higher interest rates than traditional mortgages. However, the terms will vary depending on the lender that you choose.

The Process Of Office Building Loan Acquisition At Clopton Capital 

When you are ready to acquire an office building, the process typically goes like this:

  1. Research – Look for a property that meets your needs and do some research on the market.
  2. Get pre-approved – Get pre-approved by a lender so you know how much money you can borrow.
  3. Make an offer – Once you have found a property, make an offer and have it accepted.
  4. Due diligence – Have your lawyer and accountant do a due diligence on the property.
  5. Closing – Once the due diligence is complete, the lender will fund the loan.

Benefits Of Financing Office Buildings With Clopton Capital 

Clopton (https://cloptoncapital.com/) is a national commercial mortgage broker in the business of matching borrowers involved in multifamily, industrial, commercial, and mixed-use real estate to lenders suited to their needs for asset-backed funding. Needs invariably include purchasing, refinancing, or rehabbing a property. Irrespective of your direction, our commercial mortgage loan officers will connect you to the best commercial loans at the most competitive rates and easiest terms available. We work every day with private investors, small/middle market real estate entities, and family offices everywhere in the US investing through partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, Delaware Corporations, estates, and even as foreign nationals.

Here are some of the top benefits of working with Clopton.

Up To 25 Year Fixed Rates

We offer terms of up to 25 years on our fixed rate loans. This means that your monthly payments will stay the same for the entire term of the loan.

First Mortgage & Mezzanine Positions

We offer a variety of terms to give you the flexibility to get your money quickly or spread out payments over a few years.

Bridge Loans

If you need money fast for a business purpose, but can’t get a commercial mortgage because it is too soon, you may consider a bridge loan. These types of loans usually range from 1 – 3 years and have higher interest rates than traditional mortgages. However, the terms will vary depending on the lender that you choose.

Non-recourse & Recourse Options

Clopton Capital is a company that will help you get loans to buy, build, or fix your property with both non-recourse and recourse loan options. Non-recourse loans are when you borrow money and if something goes wrong with the property, the lender can’t go after you for more money. Recourse loans are when the lender can take your other properties if something goes wrong.

Flexible Prepayment Options

Clopton Capital offers a variety of prepayment options to help you save money on your interest payments. You can choose to pay more each month, make a one-time payment, or even pay off the loan early without any penalties.

Acquisitions, Refinances, Cash Outs, Construction

Whether you need an acquisition loan for a new property or want to refinance your current office building, we offer a full suite of services to accommodate your needs. We also have the ability to finance cash out deals and construction draws so if the opportunity arises, let us know and we can help!

Office Building Loan Financing

Clopton Capital Financing Cases

Case Study 1

A borrower structured in an LLC wanted to purchase an office building in Fort Lauderdale for $9.5 million that was part of an association with 3 other buildings. The borrower planned to use 3rd party management on a non-owner occupied basis, thus buying the building purely as an investment. We structured a 75% loan-to-value non-recourse loan (i.e. a 25% down payment), with a 10-year very competitive rate, 2 years of interest only on the front-end that transitions to a 30-year amortization in year-3. Our client was satisfied with this arrangement as a way to maximize its cash flow and ROI on the investment with the added benefit of zero personal recourse.

Case Study 2

A borrower in a partnership structure was facing a loan maturing with a balloon payment attached to an apartment building in KY. The investor wanted to contain closing costs and was uncertain what to do with the property. Its goal was a mortgage with a fixed rate but did not want any prepayment on the loan in case the partners decided to sell and repay their debt. We found a lender on our exclusive long-term relationship list able to arrange a commercial mortgage with a 5-year fixed rate, 25-year amortization that did not have any prepayment at all starting on day-1. This way our client was protected against rate increases for 5 years with enough latitude over that time-period to figure out if it wanted to sell or keep the property.

Case Study 3

A corporation borrower with a portfolio of retail centers in Indiana approached us to refinance and cash out on all of the properties. The properties were located across western Indiana and were comprised mainly of grocery-anchored shopping centers. We induced one of our mainstay lenders to structure a portfolio mortgage for $16.5 million across all the properties, that transferred over $6 million into the borrowers pocket, maintained a very competitive 10 year fixed rate and settled on a 30-year amortization, non-recourse.

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Office Building Financing FAQ

How To Make An Office Buildings Loan? 

There are a few different ways to get an office buildings loan. You can get a traditional mortgage from a bank, or you can get a loan from a private lender. You can also use a combination of the two loans.

How Long Is Loan For Buying Office Building?

Typically, office building loans are for five to ten years. However, they can be for up to thirty years or more.

How Repaying Commercial Building Loans Works?

There are a few different ways to repay commercial building loans. You can make monthly payments, quarterly payments, or yearly payments. You can also make balloon payments, which means you will pay off the loan in one large payment at the end of the term.

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