We Offer Office Building Financing Nationwide

Clopton Capital’s loan advances in the office property arena are well-known nationwide, considering that we have clients in every city, town and rural district of the US. With over 10 years of extensive office real estate loan raising in the USA, we have closed deals for several $ billion for partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, Delaware Corporations, estates, and even foreign nationals. Our internal analysis shows us that we are one of the biggest names with private investors, small/middle market real estate entities, and family offices chasing advances that range between $1 million to $40 million.

Types of Office Building Financing Clopton Capital offers

  • LTV up to 75% (85% higher with mezzanine finance)
  • Up to 25 year fixed rates
  • First mortgage & mezzanine positions
  • Up to 30-year amortizations, interest only available
  • Loan amounts starting at $1 million ranging to $40 million
  • Bridge loans
  • Acquisitions, refinances, cash outs, construction
  • Non-recourse & recourse options
  • Flexible prepayment options

Office building financing and loans are designed around different circumstances and owner requirements that at the end of the day are quite vast: purchase, new construction, refinancing, advances for renovations/ unfinished build-outs are commonplace. Then we come to cash outs and bridge loans for all sorts of owner aspirations. With all this there’s one thing you can be 100% certain of – Clopton’s close relationships will guarantee you direct access to the most competitive office property lenders in the USA. Our astute commercial mortgage brokers work every day striving to select from the best loan options in the following categories: commercial mortgages, construction loans, cash out leveraging, refinancing loan vehicles, CMBS, bridge lending, mezzanine financing, preferred equity, and real estate private equity. We find the one that matches your ideas and circumstances in an optimal way. Having dealt with the big picture we turn our attention to diverse micro-items such as variable/ fixed interest rate preferences; amortization periods (up to 30 years), interest only options, with recourse or with non-recourse – a sampling of contract terms that are important to get out of the way. We are motivated to find you the lowest possible interest rates and easiest terms offered by the market.

Case Studies of Office Building Financing with Clopton Capital

Case Study 1: A borrower representing a corporation approached us to refinance a medium-sized office building located in Indiana. The borrower’s company occupied a small portion of the building (i.e. was not a major tenant). He wanted a non-recourse loan option that would fix his interest rate for the entire term of the loan. We were able to structure a $2 million, 15-year fixed, 15-year amortization loan with a life insurance company at a very competitive interest rate while keeping the loan as non-recourse.

Case Study 2: A group of investors in a partnership wanted to acquire an office building in Florida with a small retail component on the ground floor for $9 million. The group was looking for long-term fixed-rate non-recourse money, with maximum leverage. We structured a 75% LTV, 10-year fixed rate, 30-year amortization loan at a very competitive interest rate with low fees and no personal recourse to the borrowers.

Case Study 3: The representative of a Trust came to us looking to refinance a maturing CMBS loan secured by a single tenant GSA lease in Chicago. The lease only had about 3 years remaining and needed to be renegotiated with the tenant. We were able to structure a non-recourse bridge loan that gave the borrower 36 months to renegotiate the lease, interest-only during the loan period, with cash out proceeds to pay for tenant improvements to secure the lease renewal.

Office building financing is an all-embracing real estate loan arena that begins with possibly a straightforward purchase transaction but reaches further afield into the world of new construction loans or securing bank mortgage advances for renovations or unfinished buildings. Refinancing for maturing office real estate mortgages or those under pressure from rising variable interest rates is an everyday activity. Most importantly, if you have held your office building for a long time with resultant appreciation and you want a hard money cash out, this too is considered to be a current possibility.

To understand more about office real estate asset-backed funding, contact one of Clopton Capital’s commercial mortgage lenders by calling 866-647-1650 or using the Contact Us form available from the menu. You’re always welcome to work with us to find the right office property loan rates and repayment plans to suit your every possibility. And with low closing costs attached to a straightforward documentation and underwriting process, your commercial loan process will be stress-free.

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