A commercial cash out refinance is a mortgage refinancing transaction in which the new mortgage amount is greater than the existing mortgage amount plus loan settlement costs. The original mortgage is retired and a new mortgage created, with the difference between old and new available as cash out to the property owner.

By obtaining a commercial cash out refinance, commercial real estate owners are able to take advantage of trapped equity in their properties and use it for other purposes.

In contrast with typical banks, Clopton Capital places no restrictions on what the funds are used for. Typical bank lenders either don’t allow commercial cash out refinancing or else closely scrutinize what the money is intended for. We make the funds immediately available at closing with no questions asked.

Here’s an example of a commercial cash out refinance:

Property value = $4 million
Existing loan balance = $2 million
Refinance loan amount = $3 million (75% LTV)
Proceeds given to owner = $1 million

Contact us about our Commercial cash out refinance programs

To understand more about cash out refinancing, contact one of our commercial mortgage lenders by calling 866-647-1650 or using the Contact Us form available from the menu.

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