Our Brief Commercial Mortgage Rates Comparison

When it comes time to compare commercial mortgage rates between multifamily fixed rate loans and commercial fixed rate loans, you’ll find some distinct differences. There are even more unique differences when you include bridge loan rates in the mix, as these feature much higher interest rates based on their much shorter loan terms.

Generally, multifamily fixed rate loans range between 4.25% to 4.86% depending on the term of the loan and other factors. That’s in contrast to commercial fixed rate loans, which can feature a range from 4.45% to 5.01% interest rates across the loan terms of five, seven or ten years.

Bridge loan rates, on the other hand, can feature rates ranging from 5.28% to 10.78%– a fairly large range.

How to Compare Commercial Mortgage Rates

If you want to make a commercial mortgage rates comparison, it’s best to not do so across two different types of loans—commercial fixed rate loans versus bridge loan rates, for example. You’ll find that the unique terms and applications for these kinds of loans will vary widely, resulting in a wide range of interest rates that won’t necessarily complement one another.

Overall, we highly advise that you reach out to us at Clopton Capital directly if you’re ever in need of additional guidance. That way you’ll be able to compare commercial mortgage rates between us and other lenders on the market to determine whether we offer the best mix of rates and service for your commercial mortgage needs.

Using Our Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Rates Calculator

If you want to calculate commercial real estate mortgage rates yourself, you can navigate directly to our onsite real estate mortgage rates calculator. You can find it by navigating to our top menu and clicking on the Calculatortab near the top right corner of this page. You’ll be redirected to our real estate mortgage rates calculator, which will guide you through the process of calculating your rate estimate.

Contact Clopton Capital for Competitive Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loan Rates

Clopton Capital offers only the most competitive commercial real estate mortgage loan rates. We’ve been tracking the market throughout our time as commercial lenders, so we’re always completely up-to-date on market trends and informed on what the future holds. We’ll help you understand how your interest rate is determined, so that you can decide on the best path forward with all of the information available at your disposal.

That’s because we at Clopton Capital believe that every borrower should be empowered with the most accurate, up-to-date information available. You can compare rates as often as you need until you discover the path that’s right for you and your business. Clopton Capital will always be here to ensure that you get the careful attention you require to move forward and enter a responsible commercial loan.

For more info and the opportunity to compare our commercial mortgage rates with the market, please contact Clopton Capital today. We would be happy to discuss your commercial real estate goals and how we can help you pursue them.

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