How a commercial mortgage calculator can help you.

Using a commercial mortgage calculator is a great way to start your search for a commercial property loan. A calculator of this type can help you get a sense for the terms you’ll experience with your loan, as well as what kind of ROI you can expect. While we don’t suggest using it as a hard and fast fact, it can be a great way to estimate your loan terms. We suggest using the commercial mortgage loan calculator as a guideline, then speaking directly with a commercial mortgage broker to get more detailed information that’s specific to your unique situation.

Understanding our commercial mortgage loan calculator

As you look at our commercial mortgage loan calculator, you’ll notice a few different parameters. You’ll enter the purchase price and LTV, which stands for loan to value and shows us how much of the purchase price will be covered by the loan itself (as opposed to down payment). The calculator will then give you a loan amount based on average rates, though you can customize rates below the Loan Amount window. From there you’ll get info about amortization, your expected monthly payments, yearly payments, net operating income, cash flow after debt service, and DSCR. The DSCR figure represents how much cash will be available to meet interest and principal payments on your loan. You’ll also receive info about down payment, ROI, and cap rate.

How to use the commercial mortgage rates calculator

It’s simple—just input the basic parameters of the property’s value and LTV, as well as any custom factors like rate and down payment. From there the commercial mortgage rates calculator will handle the rest and provide you with a customized estimate of all the main figures you’ll want to know about your loan. If you still need more info, you can contact us directly to learn more from an expert broker.

Clopton Capital—More Than a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Calculator

At Clopton Capital, we offer much more than just a commercial mortgage calculator tool. We’re deeply experienced and passionate commercial mortgage brokers who have spent years providing focused attention to real estate investors across the nation. Whether you’re an experienced investor looking to fund your next project or a new investor looking for guidance about where to start, we’re here to help. One of our brokers will take the time to understand your situation and direct you to the best lenders and loan options available to you.

What sets Clopton Capital apart from other brokers is that we’re entirely borrower-centric. We understand that no two investors are the same, just as no two properties or loans are the same. We won’t make any recommendations until we feel confident we fully understand your goals and financial situation. From there we’ll make targeted recommendations to get you where you need to go. All you have to do is to contact us directly, either by calling the number on the right side of the page or sending a message directly through the contact form. You’ll here back from one of our experienced brokers promptly to discuss your needs.

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